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Third Update

Third Update on the Foreclosure Situation

Assalamu Alikum Brothers and Sisters,


Firstly, on behalf of Al Sabeel’s community members we would all like to say Jazakum Allahu Khairen to everyone (individual and organization) who have reached out and supported the Masjid through donation or Duaas this past week. We would like to provide an update and answer a few questions.


Al Sabeel was established in 2002 in a rented basement space in downtown SF. The organization bought the current building in 2013 for the price of $1.3M. Making a $5,000 monthly payment, we have AlhamduAllah paid thus far $780,000. The building required further renovation worth $480,000 of which AlhamduAllah $360,000 has been paid through community donations. Because we still needed $120,000, and the renovations have already began, AlSabeel took out a loan from a private lender group. However, as mentioned in earlier posts, AlSabeel was unable to complete the payment in a timely manner which resulted in the foreclosure case.


AlhamduAllah we received so much support from community members’ across the States and as of this morning, Friday October 5th, $31,000 was raised through the online facebook campaign and $20,000 through Al Sabeel donations. The lawyers worked around the clock with the private lender and AlhamduAllah as of this morning, our lawyers were able to prevent the foreclosure under the condition that we pay an immediate $19,000 to stop the foreclosure. However, we still need to finish the full payment of $120,000, and the lawyers fees.


We are currently focusing on paying this loan as soon as possible to prevent this situation from occurring again. In addition to donations, we are also asking if individuals or organizations can loan Al Sabeel any amount to be repaid within a year.


JAZAKUM ALLAU KHAIREN for all your support whether it is through donations or duas. May Allah Bless you and your families and bless your wealth.