Alsabeel Noor Al-Islam


The Executive Board and The Board of Trustees manage all operations of Alsabeel Masjid Noor Al-Islam through various boards and committees including:

  • Educational institutions like Nor Al-Islam school, Alsabeel Summer School.
  • Services such as social, youth, outreach and dawah activities including Fridays sermons, Eid prayers, family nights, conferences, seminars, classes, etc. Other services include bookstore, funeral, Islamic counseling.
  • Media relations, website and newsletter
  • Zakat and Financial assistance to needy

Executive Board:

      President: Imam Dr. Safwat Morsy
      Financial Officer: Mr. Rabi Younes
      General Secretary: Mr. Sameh Mohamed

Board of Trustees:

          Dr. Safwat Morsy
          Mr. Rabi Younes
          Mr. Amen Algehim
          Mr. Hafidh Aloadi
          Mr. Sameh Mohamed
          Sr. Gehad Morsy