Alsabeel Noor Al-Islam


Alsabeel Masjid Noor Al-Islam is committed to the well­ being of the Muslim family and considers a successful marriage as the cornerstone of a happy and prosperous family and subsequently a purposeful and vibrant Muslim Community.


Islamic marriage services include a religious ceremony for family members and friends.
Alsabeel can issue a Marriage certificate upon ceremony. You are welcome to bring up your guests for your ceremony.  Photos are allowed during the ceremony in certain areas of the Masjid. Refreshments may also be arranged.

Marriage counseling is available by request and by appointment with an Islamic advisor. This service is provided for married couples as well as couples who are considering getting married.


The following is a guide for the civil process and sacramental duties for an Islamic marriage in the State of California:

· You must apply for a Marriage License from a California county office.  For information regarding blood test, fees, license instructions, please contact the city office of your correspondent city.
· Upon obtaining the Marriage License, contact the Center and make an appointment for your marriage ceremony. On your ceremony day, be sure to bring two Muslim witnesses and the Marriage License.
· A donation to Alsabeel Masjid Noor Al-Islam is appreciated. Also, a recording fee will be needed to record the marriage at the County Recorder's Office.